The European Dividend Aristocrats – Low Cost Individualized Accounts

Announcing Durig’s latest addition to its portfolio of income solutions, the European Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio. This one of a kind portfolio targets 20 high yielding blue-chip stocks* (the actual securities held in the portfolio are American Depository Receipts and trade just like stocks) listed on various European exchanges for investment and was designed to produce high levels of dividend income and even the potential for growth of income over time. The idea is to invest only in the stocks of companies with a current high dividend and a long history of continuous annual dividend increases. Focusing investment on companies that increase their dividends annually should position the portfolio to consistently capture to the “cream of the crop” of higher dividend companies of a variety of  European exchanges.

This portfolio encompasses much of the same methodology of one of Durig’s other successful, equity based income portfolios, the Dividend Aristocrats.

Income.  Everyone needs it.  We all want more of it. Find a higher income with the European Aristocrats.

European Dividend Aristocrats

Annual Cost: 0.50% or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.
Average Dividend Yield of About:  3.5%
Minimum Investment: $40,000
Minimum Holding Period: None

For those seeking income stability and blue chip peace of mind in an uncertain world, Durig’s European Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio may offer investors a potential solution with professional management, all at a very low cost.  To learn more, call us at (971) 732-5121, or email us at

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